October 2012 Cleft and Dental Mission to Quito Ecuador

March 21, 2013

In October 2012 Dr. Rafael Barrera and his 24 member volunteer team traveled to Quito Ecuador. This incredible volunteer team screened over 180 patients and performed over 100 surgeries in five days at the Hospital un Canto a la Vida: 35 lip and palate cases, 35 dental procedures under general anesthesia and 40 scar revisions. Many of the children traveled by canoe and horseback from the southern basin of the Amazon to Quito in hopes of being able to receive surgery. Our many thanks to our local coordinator Mary Kay Barrera for her hard word year round to pull this mission off. It could not happen without her! MMFC is also grateful to our dedicated sponsors and mission supporters: NSLIJ – Long Island Jewish Medical Center; Mr. Fuad Dassum; Mr. Pedro Alvarez; Mrs. Susana Alvarez; Mr. Alberto Rosales; Claudio Crespo, Patricia Jarrin; and Leonidas Naranjo.

This year we also had some wonderful translators, and our thanks goes to Bernardo Viteri, Matias Viteri, Margarita Barrera, Estefania Castro, Diego R. Barrera, Miguel Andrade, Maria Paula Rivadeneira. Together, this group of talented and generous people worked together to help so many Ecuador children in need – a true testament to teamwork.

2012 Quito Before2012 Quito After

The MMFC Dental team also did a superb job in providing care to 35 severely disabled children by putting each of them under general anesthesia so they could receive care. Many of these children suffered from severe autism, seizure disorders and cerebral palsy and had not had any prior dental care. This project grew out of an incredible need, the support and advocacy of Helpers of the Mentally Retarded (a San Francisco California nonprofit) and MMFC dental volunteers eager to take on this challenge. MMFC intends to provide this care on as many of its missions as possible.

Dental Quito

All photographs were taken by team member Roberta Anslow.


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